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FADEX srl is based in the district of Brescia (in Lombardy region), one of the most active and highly specialised European industrial centres with a well-know tradition in metals working.

Our manufacturing vocation started in 1960s, when our mother-Company MAVE began its activity as a small family owned group, developing in short time a specific range of steel locks for wooden doors mainly exported to various Middle and Far East Countries.
The precious experience achieved in mechanical working processes and the requests from the main clients of new products originated in 1984 the decision of establishing a separate sister-Company, FADEX srl, with the aim of providing new accessories to the existing range.

FADEX srl has set up its main activity in brass hardware products such as door-handles, knobs, pull-handles, hinges and accessories, merging the precious craftsmanship experience to the modern technology, with a special care and attention to the continuous evolution and creation of own innovative products always ahead of modern design trends. Refined furnishing elements which contribute to decisively improve the interiors elegance and glamour.

FADEX srl provides a wide selection of brass fittings from traditional to modern style, with a complete finishes programme ranging over the basic original colours to the newest proposals, always improved and implemented by our specific researches and studies, with new ideas always in process.

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